Business Continuity

OpsCenter Business Continuity one pager (PDF, Doc, HTML)

Regardless of how well we plan, forces outside our control may disrupt one or more critical business processes. When this happens, actions must be taken and resources mobilized to return the situation to normal as quickly as possible.

OpsCenter allows you to manage your response to these disruptions in an orderly, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Such responses often require cooperation and communication between parts of your organization that might not normally come in contact with one another. OpsCenter provides a centralized base of information to keep these groups informed and coordinated.

Companies that have telecommuters, external labor forces, or distributed local, regional, or international office centers can especially benefit from OpsCenter. The system serves as a central clearinghouse of information which is critical when coordinating a dispersed workforce.

Each business is unique. The processes, people, terminology and organizational structure are different from business to business. OpsCenter is easily configurable by a non-technical person to reflect the specifics of your business. As such, OpsCenter can be adjusted to reflect how you do business instead of requiring your staff to adjust to how OpsCenter works.