OpsCenter Features

An OpsCenter feature is a capability of the system that is used to manage emergencies. For example, real time Status Boards are a feature of OpsCenter that are designed to provide real-time information on a particular subject. There are Status Boards for Incidents, Facilities, Resources, Requests and dozens of other subjects. The features of OpsCenter adhere to the standard OpsCenter Characteristics so each feature is Easy to Use, Configurable, and so forth. To read more about OpsCenter Status Boards or other OpsCenter Features click on the appropriate heading below.

Status Boards

Instant Reporting

Real-time Information on a particular aspect of the emergency response. Examples include Incidents, Requests, Actions, Facilities, IT Systems, etc. An organized summary of information designed to address a specific need. Examples include Available Resources, Damage Assessment, Impacted IT Systems, ICS 201, etc.


Staff Management

Robust checklist functionality. Used to manage the execution of predefined processes. Configurable to reflect your organization's processes. Provides contact information and visibility to the response staff regardless of location. Essential for Virtual EOC implementations.

Sharing Information


The ability for OpsCenter to exchange information within your organization and externally. Provides information dissemination during emergencies. Automatically inform staff members and stakeholders when an emergency occurs and of key events as it unfolds. Extensively configurable.


Automatic creation of a Journal the reflects response activities by User, Section, Incident and other aspects.