Damage Assessment

Ability to capture, manage and instantly report on Damage and Impacts. Follows FEMA's reporting guidelines.

Note: The Damage Assessment module is included in OpsCenter at no additional cost.

Damage Summary Report in OpsCenter

Damage Summary Report in OpsCenter

Damages Detailed Report in OpsCenter
Damage Input form in OpsCenter
Damages Status Board in OpsCenter

Damage Assessment in OpsCenter

Managing emergency situations requires the rapid capture, organization and reporting of damages caused by an incident. OpsCenter provides this ability with easy to use input forms and the generation of reports for impact and damage assessment. OpsCenter captures information regarding the scope and magnitude of damages, organizing it into categories, and generating reports for the appropriate users and agencies. The production of required reports during an emergency is quicker and more accurate than a manual method. OpsCenter uses two input screens to capture damage and impact information:

  • One screen captures the impact on the jurisdiction as a whole such as the number evacuated, injured, hospitalized, and deaths in addition to impact on infrastructure systems such as on sewers and drainage.
  • The second input screen is used to capture specific damages to an entity such as public buildings. One of the images above show this input form.

All of the damages captured by OpsCenter are accessible in the Damages Status Board. The Status Board allows a user to sort, filter, select and export to Excel the damage information. An example of the Damages Status Board is shown above.

Perhaps the most important feature of the OpsCenter Damage Assessment module is the reporting. The system has the ability to generate damage assessment reports in a few seconds that would take staff members hours to calculate by hand. Not only does this save time but it also results in more accurate and consistent calculations.

Above are examples of two of the Damage Assessment reports. One is a summary that is suitable for giving to leadership and others that are focused on the big picture. The other is a detailed Damage Assessment report and it includes all of the information known about damages and is suitable for someone responsible for knowing and managing the details.

OpsCenter Damage Assessment one pager (PDF)